Май, 2019

10МАЙ - 11МАЙ 100:00МАЙ 11Academy of Innovation – Sofia Innovation Hackathon


Innovation Starter, in partnership with the leading universities in Bulgaria and with the institutional support of the European Commission in Bulgaria, is organising an Academy of Innovation – Sofia Innovation Hackathon for students.

Again, the event will be organised as a 24-hour Innovation Hackathon with a prize pool of $ 10,000 for the student team with the most creative and feasible idea, and a visit to Brussels for the winners provided by the European Commission in Bulgaria.

Within the Academy of Innovation 2019, students will have the opportunity to develop and present their own ideas on the following topics:

“Road War”
“Depopulation of regions, care for the elderly”
“Health and Technology”
“Cleanliness, Green Ideas and Ecology”
“Communication projects with a social mission”

Pre-registration for teams (up to 5 participants) runs from January to the beginning of May on the website of the initiative. Presentations start on 11 May, at 14:00.



10 (петък) 0:00 - 11 (събота) 0:00


Национален дворец на културата /НДК/, клуб "Перото"

Пл. България № 1, 1463 София, България