R&D companies in the medical and pharmaceutical areas are growing very fast. There is also a significant increase in consultancy activities related to pharmacoeconomics and health technology assessment (HTA). With it’s well-established traditions, Bulgaria’s pharmaceutical industry has significantly increased the R&D and production capacities.


The Industry

400 mil BGN

annual turnover from clinical research


companies are part of Bulgaria’s
Health & Life Sciences Cluster


professionals are members of the
Health & Life Sciences Cluster

Sofia’s Biotech Talent


medical centers in Sofia
engaged in clinical research

11 000

students in the field of healthcare,
medicine, pharmacy and dentistry

1 400

students attend Biotechnology
and Biology programmes 


  1. BioTech Atelier – the main event in the Bulgarian Biotech scene. In 2018, the Atelier had 29 high-profile speakers from 15 countries. There were over 220 visitors from 82 companies and organizations. In 2019, the main topics will be advanced therapies, AI in medicine, biobanking, 3D printing, personalized medicine, patient involvement, access to funding. The event is part of the European Biotech Week and is held in John Atanasoff Innovation Forum, Sofia on 25th September 2019.
  2. “Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer” training and workshop – dedicated to Biotechnology and Pharma. Keynote speakers will be Dr. Stoyan Radkov, founder and director of Priority IP Ltd., and Dr. Ingrid Kelly Spillmann, an UK and European Patent Attorney, currently a TT Manager at Institute of Science and Technology Austria. The event will be held on 15th March 2019 in Sofia Tech Park.
  3. UK Science & Innovation Network in Bulgaria – actively supports UK organizations in partnering with policy, academic and business counterparts in Bulgaria. In 2018, the Network hosted UK-Bulgarian Policy Dialogue on science, innovation & higher education roundtable and in 2019 they organized Biotechnology Business (2B) Workshop “Shaping the UK-Bulgarian biotech future”.